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We're Casting!

Big Blue Rocket roars into 2023 by casting our next film production "Citified".  

Stay tuned for more news this month

and Happy New Year!

the film

2023 BBR Projects

In 2023, Big Blue Rocket will welcome the Apple TV Productions Docuseries

"Drink Pepsi - Get a Jet"

in partnership with Los Angeles based Fun Meter Productions.

BBR founder Guy Noffsinger is credited as an Executive Producer on the Apple TV series for his efforts in conceiving and co-developing the story with Emmy Award winning

Fun Meter Producers James Lee Hernandez and Brian Lazarte

via United Talent Agency.

- - -

"The Ransom for Amelia"; a very long term project spanning 22 years is in the final stretch by renewing efforts in 2023 to deliver DNA proof that will shed new light into the loss of aviatrix Amelia Earhart with evidence she was on a secret photographic spy mission for the United States Navy and Army Air Corps in 1937.  Look for more details later in the year.

- - - 

The long anticipated comedy short  "Citified" has begun with preproduction efforts and slated for action on May 20, 2023 then hopefully debut at the Telluride Film Festival in September.  Although there is no guarantee the film will be accepted by the show we are very optimistic that are chances are above average. Wish us luck!

- - -

The facts

Recent Projects

BBR had a busy 2022 by completing a NASA Television Series: "Hollywood in Space" 

In 2013 while working at NASA Television, Senior Producer Guy Noffsinger conceived a documentary called Hollywood in Space.  The concept was to interview feature film directors and other television personalties about their shared experiences in working with NASA to bring their theatrical visions to reality.  Flash forward to 2021 and long after Guy had left his post at NASA TV that he reached out to his old colleagues who were still working at NASA Headquarters and asked if there project was ever completed.  The short answer was not and "when are you coming back to finish it"?  Thus he began the collaborative process with other filmmakers and in 2022 delivered the retooled series Hollywood in Space featuring Directors Ron Howard, Micheal Bay, Ridley Scott, Roland Emmerich, Ted Melfi, William Shatner, Matt Salaam, Burk Sharpless and MythBusters  Adam Savage & Jamie Hyneman.

The mission


BBR is on a mission to bring wholesome video production back to primetime programming. 

Whether from the jungles of Micronesia, the deserts of Qatar or the mountain tops of Colorado; a story begs to be told and BBR wants to help tell that story.  And we may specialize in long form television projects however we still enjoy collaborating with companies interested in adding visual story telling to their marketing products and services. Feel free to drop us a line and see how BBR can help bring a new vision to your unique story. 

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